As Consumer Insight Consulting company, we offer you a professional and unique training and workshops related to the research and introduction of the product on the market.

Our training courses are designed to raise awareness of the available product research, approximate their benefits and possibilities of application at the various stages of new product development or while improving existing one.

  • We guarantee fast preparation of the offer (we understand that time is money).
  • Before each training we suggest you consult with an expert, thanks to this we will have the opportunity to get to know your preferences, expectations and goals and serve you even better.
  • On request, we sign a confidentiality clause.
  • We organize training, both in our Clients’ location and rented conference rooms.

we build relationships, we listen to our Clients’ needs

We believe that only open communication and clear objectives produce the intended results. We know that understanding the Clients’ needs is the key to effective implementation of the project, therefore we take into account comments, suggestions and needs of our Clients in order to best fit the training into their individual needs.

we treat each project individually

Depending on the topic, the training or workshops and the target group we choose the form and methods of training, which will allow its effective implementation and to achieve the desired effects. During the training we use different teaching methods, for example: tests, exercises, business case studies, discussions, analysis of real examples, behavioural training.

We offer you training projects in the areas of:

  • A study in the field of Consumer Insight (sensory & consumer research, neuromarketing)
  • Sensory analysis and sensory tests
  • The topics related to the innovative process of product research and development of new products

Please do feel invited!