Taste, smell, texture – this is what consumers are guided by when they choose beverages, foodstuffs, cosmetics, or cleaning agents.

When talking about taste, it’s difficult to go beyond the simple “I like it”/ “I don’ like it”.

For that reason, in order to provide assistance in the product development process, researchers need to act as translators who understand the language of both consumers and the Client’s R&D department.

Years of experience and hundreds of completed projects allow us to help our Clients’ marketing teams and R&D departments make good decisions.

We’re interested in the role sensory studies play in business, therefore the offer we have prepared answers the following questions:

  • How to create a formula that guarantees market success?
  • How to build the optimum portfolio of flavour variants?
  • How to communicate effectively with regard to taste?
  • How to identify and cater to market niches?

Our Consumer Insight Consulting company has the pleasure to cooperate  with TNS Polska (KANTAR) company, that we support in projects which go beyond the research process, including:

  • the organisation of sensory training & workshops for companies
  • leading professional sensory tasting sessions
  • introduction & improvement of the sensory quality control
    of the product
  • construction & equipment & training of the sensory panels

Together about tastes  we can talk forever, so we kindly invite you to contact us.

More about our partner TNS company you can find here: