Consumer Insight Consulting company provides professional consultation in terms of selection of innovative ‘tailor-made’ product research (including packaging testing) to suit the best consumers’ needs in the context of:

As Consumer Insight Consulting company, together with our business partners, who have many years of experience and as well a lot of practical knowledge, we also provide unique and professional training & workshops related to the area of the product research (qualitative and quantitative), sensory analysis, behavioural studies (neuromarketing research) and to the innovative product research process.

The best ad is a good product.
Alan H. Meyer

Our services are provided to manufacturers in the food industry, as well as cosmetics, chemicals, tobacco, spirits, etc.

Consumer Insight Consulting company’s goal is to support the Client by advising the best, optimal, innovative product research available on the market according to the latest trends in the world, as well as providing professional training in this area.

We believe that professionally selected research in the future will result in very well designed products that will satisfy consumers’ needs. These products will delight consumers and they will tempt them to repeat purchase.



Consultant & Business Owner of Consumer Insight Consulting

Agata is highly analytical and creative consumer insights and sensory specialist proficient in products’ research and research in consumers’ needs, skilled in quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Enhanced know-how about sensory and consumer sciences she gained working for many years in the FMCG sector and on individual training organized in research units in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, England, France).

Her extensive professional experience is related to work in the food industry for well-known international companies in the FMCG sector in the departments: Research and Development (R&D) and Marketing, for such companies as Unilever and Heinz. She worked on a wide range of products in the food industry: from fresh to frozen products such as soups, sauces, ketchups, ready-meals, juices, tomato products, chilled products, salads, vegetables, powder products, desserts, ice-creams, teas.

She had the pleasure to improve products for suchbrands as: Knorr, Bertolli, Unox, Hellmann’s, Tortex, Amino, Pfanni, Pudliszki, Heinz.

Agata graduated faculty of Economics in the specialization of Economics of Food Economics at the Agricultural University (now University of Life Sciences in Poznan). In addition, she has a Bachelor degree awarded after graduating the European Funds Management studies in the CAH Vilentum University in Dronten.

In 2009, she participated in training ‘Sensory Evaluation and Sensory Techniques’ organized by the Campden BRI – Chipping Campden & Nottingham University. In 2010, she had the pleasure to participate in the training: ‘Sensory Evaluation – Statistical Methods and Interpretation’ also organized by the Campden BRI – Chipping Campden & Notthingham University. Additionally she has a certificate in the field of ‘Sensory Evaluation’ rewarded by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) in the UK in 2009.