Verification of the sensory sensitivity

Sensory tests: Verification of the sensory sensitivity on Client’s request we conduct sensory tests designed to assess the individual sensory sensitivity of participants.

After sensory tests, there will be prepared the summary results report of the whole group.

Sensory tests are recommended for all people associated with the sensory analysis and its application, as well as for those directly responsible for the product implementation to the market and taking care during production. The tests are recommended in particular for food technologists, marketing teams, quality assurance departments, on-site laboratories, and factory workers involved in the sensory evaluation at the production plants.

Sensory tests are composed of 9 tests including:

  • Verification tests for the ability to recognize tastes in liquid solutions (basic taste test)
  •  Verification tests for the ability to recognize colours
  •  Verification tests for the ability to recognize odours & memorizing odours
  •  Verification tests for the ability to use scale
  •  Test for ranking
  •  Test for the ability to detect differences between products
  •  Test to detect differences in intensity of the taste
  •  Test to check descriptive skills and objectivity

The tests are organised for groups of 6 to max. 12 people in Clients’ locations.

Duration: about 2-3 hours depending on the size and dynamics of the group.



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