Are you wondering whether the perfect model to enhance the development of a new product exists within an organization?

Are you going to compare your own path of action with others practised within the market?

This training will enable you to familiarise yourself with effective, useful solutions, exchange opinions and to analyze a particular chosen approach.


Participants will learn what the process of product development looks like in the contemporary organization, where it is possible to assess weak points and how to overcome them. Training tasks will concentrate on specific links in the development chain and will simplify and answer frequently asked questions:

What model of action is the most effective?

What is more important in the process – the system or people?

Where, apart from the quality, should one search for the added value of a product?

Is the market and buyers research always necessary?

How to plan marketing actions in the development process of new releases?

What should a leader of a particular project be responsible for?

The training is designed primarily for all persons working with the marketing department, who would like to better understand and deepen their knowledge about the basic marketing activities in the process of new product development. Training is in particular dedicated to managers, departments: R&D, sales, purchasing, quality, and manufacturing employees.


Theoretical part

  • The importance and transformation of marketing in nowadays organizations
  • Practical feedback on effective communication with marketing
  • The key skills of good marketers
  • Marketing strategy – objectives, key elements and benefits for the organization
  • Segmentation and analysis of the needs and expectations of customers
  • Construction of competitive advantage

Practical Part

  • The method of analysis of consumer – The Empathy Map
  • Ways of defining and communicating product’s traits
  • Learning the basics of product’s brief – as a tool for internal communication and a source of conceptual assumptions
10:00 - 11:0010:00 - 11:00

2 stages, 3 actions, 6 steps – what the process of releasing a new product into the market place looks like – workshop

  • 4 models of implementing – how to launch a product in the perspective of resources of the company and the market structure.
11:00 - 11:0511:00 - 11:05


11:05 - 12:1511:05 - 12:15

Unique product features – how we should understand innovation.

  •         Defining the value for the recipient (USP, RTB) – workshop
  •         The needs of consumers
12:15 - 12:2012:15 - 12:20


13:00 - 14:0013:00 - 14:00

Target market – why do we need that to know our customers?

  •         Segmentation, macro environment and potential users analysis
  •         Competitive value proposition
  •         Organization of resources
  •         Implementation of a strategy
  •         Business model
12:20 - 13:2012:20 - 13:20


14:00 - 15:2514:00 - 15:25
  • Implementation process vs the structure and the business model of the company
  • Evolution within the company in the implementation process.
15:25 - 15:3015:25 - 15:30


15:30 - 16:0015:30 - 16:00
  • Intra-organizational cooperation – who is it worth employing? – workshop
  • Milestones
  • Communication within the process – what it is worth knowing, when to talk and whom to consult with regarding a particular project.

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8-15 people

This workshop is led in Polish for now (but soon as well it will be available in English).


1 day