Dear Sir or Madam,

From September 2020 we open stationary training, and 2 online training will be available:

– Sensory training I: ” ‘Fundamentals of the sensory analysis”

1.09.2020 (English)

2.09.2020 (Polish)

5.10.2020 (Polish)

6.10.2020 (English)


– Sensory marketing NEW

3.09.2020 (Polish)

4.09.2020 (English)

7.10.2020 (Polish)

8.10.2020 (English)


The training will be available via the Zoom or Skype video conferencing platform.

We invite everyone who is interested and please register online:


In the training place on the application form please enter: ONLINE.


Discounts for online training *:

15% discount when registering a group of 6 to 10 participants,

20% discount when registering a group from 11 participants

To get this discount, after registering the participants, please send an e-mail to with a list of names and surnames of the participants.

* The discount is calculated from the basic price


Online training for companies:

At your request, we will also prepare a closed (internal) training, which can be carried out taking into account your individual expectations – at your chosen time.


We invite you to track the dates of available training in the calendar: