Dear All,

6 years have passed as one day. During this time, our company Consumer Insight Consulting had the opportunity to conduct training and workshops in the field of sensory analysis, both in Poland and abroad, in the Netherlands and Germany. We were hosted both by the R&D and marketing departments, the quality department as well as the factory workers. We shared our knowledge during both closed and open trainings. During this time, we have learned & developed a lot and we still hope that despite the difficult times that have come all around the world caused by the COVID-19, we will continue to serve you with our knowledge, support and commitment. It is for You that we are trying to expand our offer and change:

We also hope that the time you spent with us resulted in a new perspective on certain aspects related to the sensory analysis of food and useful knowledge that can be used in a practical way at work.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has trusted us over the last 6 years and the words of appreciation that we have received:

We would like to thank especially all our Clients who have returned to us for further training :-) . Such situations give us great satisfaction and motivation to continue our work.

We are waiting for you for the next training, stationary (currently up to 4 people) or online.

And in the meantime, let’s all wish each other a lot, a lot of health :-)